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Super Hacker Invitational Tournament.jpgMyrtle Beach is home to some of game’s greatest courses, but it’s you, the traveling golfer, that has helped make the Grand Strand golf’s most popular destination, and we want to share your stories.

Is the excitement of your Myrtle Beach golf trip worth memorializing through photos, videos and the written word?  GolfHoliday.com is going to start telling the stories of Myrtle Beach golfers and your group could be the first.

If you would like your next trip to enjoy full coverage, email cking@golfholiday.com and tell us why your group is the one to choose.

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Comments for We Want To Tell Your Story

Name: Joe Lewon
Time: Monday, November 9, 2009

We come down to MB every year and have been for 10years or so, 2 years ago we decided to play Oyster bay.We were having a great time playing at a good pace and most of us were having a decient round we came to a par three that you had to hit across water i believe it was the 15th hole.The first three in the group hit the fourth player in the group was Tommy the funny man in the group always has a funny story or a joke never a dull moment with him around, anyways Tommy get on the tee with an iron tees the ball up and adresses the ball an takes a good swing.The only problem was T topped the ball and his club went whirly birding in to the drink we all laughed outragesly best part we we not laughing at tommy but the way he turned back to us put his hands out to the side with the funniest look as us like what just happened,if we had a video camera on we definitely woud have won a prize on americas funniest videos, sad to say Tom has become quite ill and can't golf anymore and that breaks his heart and ours as well. Always a good time with him and anybody that met us golfing or at one of the local pubs Drifters was his favorite.

Name: Dick Mohre
Time: Monday, November 23, 2009

After many trips to Myrtle the trip this year was the by far the best but also was the worst. A typical buddies trip for years with laughs and trash talking was different this year due to the loss of one of our best friends that died shortly after we returned back home to Cape Cod last fall. We returned this year in honor of our dear friend and played a memorial tournament in his honor. After years of playing with our friend John it was very different not having him with us. At Kings North as we crossed the bridge to the "Gambler Island" we all stopped on the bridge, said an appropriate prayer and dropped one of Johns windbreakers into the water, followed by the dropping of a club onto it! As it sunk into the water it was a moment we will always remember! This is what a buddies trip to Myrtle is all about! Enjoy the time with your friends and forget all those petty things that we say all drive us crazy and just enjoy the time with friends, because suddenly, we"re not here anymore!!!