Man Uses Golf Cart and Club to Attack Slow Players!

James Alonzo Hines doesn't deal well with slow playNearly everyone associated with the game of golf will acknowledge the need to confront slow play, but Jacksonville, Fl., resident James Alonzo Hines (allegedly) took things a little too far.   

Hines became enraged at what he perceived to be slow play by a group that was enjoying a bachelor party and things got ugly.

After informing the slow-playing offenders that he was a regular at the course and, ahem, encouraging them to “respect their elders,” Hines took matters into his own hands.

“Hampe said he was sitting in a cart when shouting began between the two groups from a distance. He said Hines then began hitting balls at them from about 200 yards away.

One of the balls was heaved back at Hines, who then hopped in his cart and headed for the group, police and witnesses said.

Ravel, 23, said he heard the shouting, saw a golf ball fly back and forth and then watched as Hines drove into the group.

"He drove the cart as fast as it could go," Ravel said.

Hampe said he jumped out of his cart just before Hines ran over his leg and slammed into Hankin, pinning him against another cart.”

Amazingly, instead of attempting to calm Hines down and defuse the situation, his “mature” playing partners thought of entering a brawl with the bunch 20-somethings.

“Ravel said he arrived about that time to see Hines and a companion holding clubs over their heads and their female partners also brandishing clubs.”

Hines was eventually subdued and bloodied in a sand trap. Police arrived to arrest Hines and charge him with aggravated battery with a deadly weapon. Fortunately, no one was seriously injured.

Someone forgot to tell Hines that golf was a gentleman's game!